4 Types of Modern Business Cards Print Techniques

Through business cards the perspective of the organization, its forte, specialty and designation are imparted to the people. If the outlook of a business card is appealing enough, eventually it will turn out to be a major key point of subsequent success of your business. These designs can come in a single-sided print (one-sided print) or a double-sided print (both sides of the card). Most people also tend to make choices as to how thick (grammage) they prefer their business card papers to be. The cards thickness is measured using the term ‘GSM’, which is an acronym standing for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. Quite simply, it allows you to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being used. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.

Here are four (4) modern types of printing techniques for business cards with pictures so you will have a full-fledge idea how your business cards should be made and looking so classy.


1. Varnish / Spot UV Printed Business Card Design

This printing technique is much common these days; people like to have a glossy effect on the business card so it may not look so ordinary like a rough old card. Varnish is a matte coating on the card that helps card’s durability and also protects it with shiny coat on the top.

The design of the business card is enhanced through this printing technique. Through Spot UV, only certain parts/zones of the business cards are made to appear richer and glossier. You may observe certain apt examples of UV printing techniques on Signazon.


2. Embossing / Debossing Business Card Designs

Through the technique of Embossing, heat is generally pressed into the card, in this process there is no use of foil or any ink. It is a way of giving a dense texture to the business card. On the other hand, in the process of Debossing, the things are reversed than Embossing, it gives the same effect but paper is actually pressed instead of bulging out. It creates 3D visual effects. These embossing and debossing effects can be applied on both logos and letters.


3. Foil Printing Business Card Designs

Foil is another form of printing which gives a very fine and nice shinny texture to the business card.

A colored foil is pressed into the card paper with a heated die to make the card look impressive and elegant. Usually logos and typography are enhanced by this printing technique.


4. Matt / Glossy (Shine) Laminated Business Card Designs

Matte lamination provides a very good protective layer to the business cards. It is dim and dull to give a very decent look to the cards. On the other hand, people also like shining and glossy lamination which is softer, water-resistant and silky. Either way it is like a ‘protective shield’ to the cards.


Need help with your business cards printing and designs?

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